Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog the third.....the idea

So I finally came up with a concrete idea for the blog. I decided I need a purpose for the blog. Remember the dentist's office magazine Highlights? Their tag line is  "fun with a purpose". That somewhat explains my intentions. The plan right now is to cook 100 recipes within the year (beginning February 1st, 2011 through February 1st, 2012). The caveat is I must use 100 different sources; I would like to concentrate on cookbooks, but will have wiggle room for other venues. I have a nice selection of cookbooks and will use them, but would love some ideas and advice from anyone willing to share a great choice. The other aspect that I am adhering to (I feel like I am doing "mind-bets" ala Joe from Men of a Certain Age) is that the recipes must be new to me. There are one or two dog-eared cookbooks in my collection, so I have to veer away from these pages.

I like to have an idea of what I'm making for the fam for the next two days. I just makes it easier for me to get everything ready after school/work/clubs/blah/blah/blah/ and I know Tuesday is going to be a meatloaf. I think that the more basic- food items will be the most challenging. If I'm preparing a gourmet meal well that is recipe following at it's best, but day to day go-to dishes will have to be adjusted accordingly. Some in the home like the "meatball-meatloaf" while others prefer a spicy, herb laden loaf. Off to the books to come up with an all-around pleaser. I will post my recipe on Tuesday and tell you all how it turns out.

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  1. I love your idea of doing 100 different recipes from 100 different sources. I should probably try to work through he piles and piles of clippings I have. Looking forward to seeing your meatloaf.