Saturday, June 15, 2013

recipe 22 lobstah

FoodbuzzSummer, lobster, need I say more...oh yes...yum! I had never made lobster at home before last summer. Dear family and I were on vacation at a favorite lake and decided to tackle the lobster. The kitchen was fully stocked with all the necessary equipment, which were so much fun to use. Now we have all seen Julie and Julia so I half expected the lobster to walk out of the pot and race across the kitchen floor, but nope all was quiet. I have since made lobster a number of times and will again tonight. Happy Father's Day.
Begin with fabulous fresh lobsters...
The fishmonger told us to put the lobster in head first.
He also said that a lobster is done when the antenna turn from brown to lobster pink/red.
Gorgeous...and delicious. The butter and lemon were not even touched as the lobster is sweet and succulent on its own. Enjoy!!!!
No book or recipe for this one....just do as above crack open and enjoy.

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